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Take YOUR NEXT CREATIVE STEP with us at Sketchcareer with our ONE OF ITS KIND SHORT TERM INTENSIVE TRAINING in Photography, Graphic Design, and Video Editing

chase your dreamsChase your dreams!

With traditional courses flooding with skilled and unskilled students alike, job opportunities are disappearing rapidly. On the one hand, there is a huge demand for creative individuals. There are thousands of unemployed, unskilled “PROFESSIONALS”! 

It’s time to ditch the conventional courses as creativity and innovation hold the future!

Why should you prefer Creative Learning?

The days of traditional learning methods are dead! As the world becomes more connected, the demand of individuals with unique skills like Digital Marketing, Graphic designing, Photography, Video Editing skills is very high. But, there are very few institutes that provide quality creative learning courses. Our goal is to fill this gap and prepare students for the future so that they can lead the way! We strive to impart the un-matched quality of skilled education that can help students to gain substantial knowledge. 

Creative Skills in 2021 and beyond

We come across a common question, “Can we generate a good income from these courses?” It’s an obvious question. Everyone wants assurance about their future before pursuing any career. The fact is, people with creative learning are earning a lot more than people with traditional degrees and education. The next decade is innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship. There are thousands of people who kill their creativity, their vision, their ideas to change the world. Either they don’t get proper guidance, or their parents don’t allow them to pursue something unique. Are you doing the right thing? Chasing things that don’t interest you, doing things that you don’t want to do? Is this who you are? Is this who you want to be? It’s time to change the course of your life! Be a part of an adventurous journey! It’s time to broaden your vision and take a look in the future! Creativity is the future! 

What are the 7 challenges You face while choosing a place to learn?

7 challenges You face while choosing a place to learn?
1) You are confused with a lot of information online
2) You lack practical knowledge because of not implementing
3) You are not finding the right mentor
4) You do not have a lot of time
5) Courses are very expensive
6) You do not have an equipment
7) Worried about the outcome of the course

We, At Sketchcareer helps you overcome all these struggles.

institute of creative studies

Top 7 Reasons you should choose us:

1) More Practical over Theory.
2) Weekly Photowalks.
3) Community Building through the Platform – ‘Bangalore Photowalkers’
4) You will get Equipment access at the institution.
5) Portfolio Preparation
6) On Successful Completion, You will be Certified from the Institution.
7) Overall, You will master a new skillset and become a better person

What’s special about us that you should consider?

If you just google search creative courses, You will surely find a lot of options. We, at Sketchcareer, have had Entrepreneurs, Photographers looking for upgradation. Working Professionals, Graduates, Housewives… Basically, People from all categories. We cater to the need of all of you by offering SHORT TERM INTENSIVE TRAINING in your choice of interest. Our everyday classes include practical sessions. After you study Photography, You will not always end up doing only Photography. You will also be doing its related things such as Photoshop/ Graphic Design/ Video Editing/ Digital Marketing. Here at Sketchcareer, We offer ONE OF ITS KIND COMBO COURSES for you to stand out in your field of interest. The insights we offer in all our courses are very unique. And we offer to you all this at an affordable cost.

COMBO 1: Photography+ Photo Retouching
If You are a person who wants to master the art of Photography and want to edit your pictures the right way. Or if you are from a creative industry that needs Photography along with presenting them the right way, Then this course is the right one for you.

COMBO 2: Photography+ Photo retouching +Video Editing:
If You want to master the art of Photography and you want to take up retouching & video projects alongside. If you are interested in Travel Photography/ Vlogging, Then this is the right course for you. 

COMBO 3: Multimedia Course
This is an all-rounder course. All the above-mentioned points will be applicable to this. After completion of this course, You will be able to be a one-stop solution to your clients.

Top 7 Reasons You should choose a COMBO COURSE:
1) Every Business needs these essentials to run the show
2) You will become a one-stop solution for clients
3) You gain confidence by mastering multiple skillsets
4) Freelance projects are a lot
5) You will not have to depend on others to do your projects
6) Stand out from many people in the market
7) Create your own signature style of works

Now that you have understood about Creative courses & its scope, Here are:

7 things you should do to achieve your dreams:
1) Choosing a Course at Sketchcareer
2) Being regular & attentive in class
3) Stay away from mobile phones during class hours
4) Making presence by asking Doubts/ Questions
5) Completing daily tasks without fail
6) Finishing Portfolio Projects
7) Always willing to learn & upgrade to new trends

We have groomed numerous entrepreneurs, artists, and innovators! 

They came to us, with a dream in their eyes, just like you! 

We just showed them a path, and the rest is history!

It’s time you choose yours!

Your destiny awaits you!

It all started with My ardent interest in Writing. The world of Arts has always amazed Me! Writing, Music & Photography had been my interest from the very beginning. I was born & brought up me in Chennai. Later shifted to Salem, Which is my native. And married the Love of my life in Wayanad. So I’m pretty good at speaking Tamil, Malayalam, English & Hindi. I do Professional Photography & I run an Educational Institution called Sketch Career in Bangalore where I offer Photography, Photoshop, Video Editing, Digital Marketing related Courses & Workshops. When I took up photography, I had to learn things the harder way. I had to do a lot of practice to understand even a minor concept. Over the years, I saw so many Photographers who struggled the same way. This urged me to do Photography classes. Over the years, I have seen a lot of development in Photography. But the interest & happiness of people in seeing their pictures in a frame has always been special.

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