Photography Course in Bangalore by Swathy Sivakumaar
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Photography Photo Editing Video Editing Bangalore

About the Course:

Photography is something we all love. From a beginner to a pro, who doesn’t like to click? In this Photography course, You will be learning a mix of technical and creative concepts. The Insights of this Course are unique just like our other courses are. Being a Photography service provider ourselves, we have set the curriculum according the current industry standards & with a lot of research behind. Retouching will help you to edit your photographs like a Pro. This course is designed for Photographers, Designers, Editors, Fashion Photographers, Wedding Photographers to help you improve your retouching skills and business. This course will help you speed up your beauty and portrait retouching. It also enables you to design albums as per the client taste. This course is designed to help both amateurs and professionals to learn the art of Video Editing and Sound Editing along with concepts of videography. Here you will learn all the techniques of Video Editing using Adobe Premiere Pro and Sound Editing using Adobe Audition along with basic videography techniques. Premiere Pro is used by professionals across the world for every type of production from business, marketing videos, music videos to documentaries, feature films.


Software Covered:

  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Adobe Audition
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Lightroom


Course Duration: 3 Months


Course Content:

  • Difference between Full Frame, Crop Sensor & Mirrorless cameras
  • Shutter Speed
  • Long Exposure & Light Painting Photography
  • Aperture & ISO
  • White Balance
  • Framing & Composition
  • Focus Modes
  • Camera Settings
  • Kit Requirements
  • Studio Lighting Techniques
  • Outdoor Lighting 
  • Indoor Fashion Shoot 
  • Introduction to Photoshop interface
  • Types of images formats
  • RAW processing & JPEG Editing
  • Layers & Layer Masking
  • Content Aware & Clone Stamp Tool 
  • Pimple Removal & Skin Smoothening
  • Sharpening the image
  • Frequency Separation
  • Dodge and Burn Techniques 
  •  Colour Grading
  • Background Removal
  • Album Designing
  • Batch Processing in Adobe Lightroom. 
  • Types of Cuts & Editing Techniques
  • Motion Graphics (Using Keyframes)
  • Video Transitions
  • Tittle Effects
  • Masking (Basic & Advanced) 
  • Green Screen Removal
  • Colour Grading & Colour Correction
  • Audio Editing in Premiere Pro
  • Audio Editing in Adobe Audition

It all started with My ardent interest in Writing. The world of Arts has always amazed Me! Writing, Music & Photography had been my interest from the very beginning. I was born & brought up me in Chennai. Later shifted to Salem, Which is my native. And married the Love of my life in Wayanad. So I’m pretty good at speaking Tamil, Malayalam, English & Hindi. I do Professional Photography & I run an Educational Institution called Sketch Career in Bangalore where I offer Photography, Photoshop, Video Editing, Digital Marketing related Courses & Workshops. When I took up photography, I had to learn things the harder way. I had to do a lot of practice to understand even a minor concept. Over the years, I saw so many Photographers who struggled the same way. This urged me to do Photography classes. Over the years, I have seen a lot of development in Photography. But the interest & happiness of people in seeing their pictures in a frame has always been special.


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