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Photography Course in Bangalore

Photography Course Description:

  • Photography is something we love. From a Beginner to a Pro, Who does not like to click? 🙂
  • In this Photography course, You will be learning a mix of Technical as well as creative concepts.
  • The Insights of this Course are unique just like My other courses are.
  • Being a Photographer Myself, I know what is needed for the Current Trend & This curriculum is framed with a lot of research behind.
  • This one month crash course specializes in Portrait & Fashion Photography.
  • Photography skills, Photo Editing, Marketing are the main topics covered here. 
  • You can combine Photoshop/ Digital Marketing/ Video Editing/ Graphic Design along with this course & Get 10% off on the total course fee.

Course Duration: 1 Month (4 Weeks)

Course Fee: 20,000 INR

Contact: +91 73970 18216

Who should attend?

  • Photographers
  • Graphic Designers
  • Video Editors
  • Anyone who wants to gain extensive knowledge in Photography
  • Anyone who wants a career in Photography.

Specialization Covered: Portrait & Fashion Photography

Special features:

  • More Practical over Theory.
  • Weekly Photowalks.
  • Community Building through the Platform – ‘Bangalore Photowalkers’
  • You will get Camera access in the institution.
  • You will learn Photo Editing in Adobe Lightroom.
  • You will learn Portfolio Preparation & Instagram Marketing.
  • On Successful Completion, You will be Certified from the Institution.
  • Overall, You will become a Better & Confident Photographer.


How to Join?

  • You can call +91 7397018216/ +91 8553375141 to enroll for the class.
  • 50% of the Course fee will be taken as an admission Fee to confirm a slot.
  • Google Pay/ Phone Pe/ Paytm/ Bank Transfer is the Payment modes available.
  • After Fee Payment, We will send you an acknowledgment email.
  • Balance 50% of the Course Fee is to be paid on the day of joining.

Course Content:

  • Introduction& Current Trends
  • Mind Map & Pre Visualization
  • How to Hold a Camera
  • Starting off with Manual Mode
  • Exposure Triangle
  • Long Exposure Photography
  • Depth Of Field
  • Auto & Manual Focus
  • How to use Focus points
  • Exposure Triangle- Practicals
  • Different Camera Modes
  • Framing & Composition Rules
  • Color Theory & Management
  • Types of Metering
  • Types of Lenses
  • Primes Lenses – Uses
  • Rule of Thirds
  • Types of Shots
  • Kit Requirements
  • Introduction to Lights
  • Natural & Artificial Light
  • Types of Lighting
  • Lighting for Portrait& Fashion Photography- Theory
  • Lighting for Portrait& Fashion Photography- Practicals
  • Instagram & Hashtags
  • Camera Raw Format
  • Introduction to Digital Marketing
  • Understanding Client Requirement
  • Photo Editing Fundamentals
  • Lightroom Tools & Techniques
  • Portfolio Submission

Live Photo Shoot Session will be done during the Course for Students to have a Practical Exposure.


  • Owning a Camera is not required for the class as You’ll be getting a Camera for practice.
  • Accommodation & Food is Separate and is to be bared by the Individual.
  • The Course fee is a non-refundable one.
  • You can either continue with future batches or pass it on to a Friend of Yours.
  • Be Open-Minded & Involved.
  • Staying Away from Mobile Phones during class hours in Mandatory.


To Enroll, Contact +91 7397018216

Began My Career with a Kid's Photography class on my 12th Grade Summer vacation. Continued and later became Passionate on Camera, Photography & editing!


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