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Video Editing Course (Video Production + Video Editing + Sound Editing)


Software Used:

  • Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2020
  • Adobe Audition


This course is designed for anyone who is interested to learn Videography as part of their Video Production and Editing. This course will prepare you to learn how to create great videos ranging from home videos to business productions. Every essential Video Production aspect is discussed in this course; such as Camera Settings, Lens, Lights, Audio, and Equipment.


  1. Introduction to Videography

            How Video Works

  1. Camera Settings for Video




            Frame Rate


  1. Lighting Basics

            Three-Point Lights

            Moving Lights

  1. Understand the Audio

            Line Out


  1. Composition Techniques
  2. Shot Planning

            Shot Size

            Shot Type

            Camera Angle

            Camera Movement

  1. Essential Equipment

            Know your gear

Video & Audio Editing Course Description:

This course is designed to help both amateurs and professionals alike to learn the art of Video Production and Video & Sound Editing. Here you will learn all the techniques of Video Editing using Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2020 and Sound Editing using Adobe Audition CC 2020 along with basic video production techniques. Premiere Pro is used by professionals across the world for every type of production from business & marketing videos, music videos to documentaries, feature films.

Who Can Learn this:

  • Video Editors
  • Television Producers
  • Film Editors
  • Youtubers
  • Vloggers
  • Documentary Makers
  • Business Promoters, etc.

Detailed Syllabus

Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2020

  1. Introduction
  2. Editing Techniques
  3. Multi-camera Editing
  4. Animation & Keyframe Interpolation
  5. Playing with Video & Audio Transition
  6. Creating Titles
  7. Audio Editing inside Premiere Pro
  8. Masking Techniques
  9. Advanced Masking
  10. Colour Correction
  11. Colour Grading
  12. Adjusting the Speed
  13. Advanced Premiere Pro Techniques
  14. Green screen Editing & Chroma Keying
  15. Motion Graphics
  16. Motion Tracking
  17. Exporting Options

Adobe Audition CC 2020

  1. Introduction to Audition
  2. Basic Audio Editing
  3. Audio Effects & Adjustments
  4. Noise Reduction & Vocal Improvements
  5. Advanced Techniques & Effects
  6. Music Production
  7. Mixing & Mastering

Projects to be Worked On:

  1. Music Video Album
  2. Editing Challenge with Editing Techniques
  3. Cloning & Masking
  4. Multi-Camera Editing
  5. Film Teaser
  6. Motion Film Poster
  7. Cinematic Colour Correction
  8. Logo Animation
  9. Green screen Video
  10. Promotional Advertisement

Course Fee: 20,000 INR

Course Duration: 1.5 Months

To Enroll, Call 7397018216

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What’s the Qualification required to join the course?

All our courses are skill-based courses. Hence, It does not require any particular qualification. 

2. The course fee seems to be high.

Apologies. I don’t think that the course fee is anywhere close to “costly”. To get your foundation right, it should also be at the right price.

3. I do not have a camera/ laptop. Can I apply for the course?

It is recommended to have your own camera/ laptop a for better learning. However, A camera is not a compulsory criterion to join the course.

4. Do I get a refund if I can not continue the course?

Apologies. We do not do a refund.

5. I’m a senior citizen. Am I eligible to do the course?

I have students of all age categories. And Age is never a criterion to learn something new.

6. Do I get a Certificate?

Yes. We provide a course completion certificate on two bases:

  • Minimum 80% Attendance
  • Portfolio Submission

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