Hi Everyone!

Welcome to My Website. I Began My Career as a Photographer in 2014. It all started with My ardent interest in Writing. I started taking pictures based on my words. The world of Arts has always amazed Me! Writing, Music, Monoacting, etc have been my interest from the very beginning.

I was born & brought up in Chennai. Later I shifted to Salem, Tamil Nadu which also happens to be My Native. And married Nithanth, The love of life from Wayanad, Kerala. Currently, I am based in Bangalore. I do Portrait, Fashion, Commercial &Food Photography.

My Husband & I run an Educational Institution called Sketch Career where we offer Photography & Digital Marketing related Courses & Workshops. Get along with me on my website where I update all of my creations. Also, you can go through all the courses that I offer. I also share tips related to Photography, Graphic Design & Videos.


Swathy Sivakumaar

Now, Swathy S Nithanth 🙂

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