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Photoshop for Photographers Online Training


Course Output:

At the end of the course, students will be able to edit and fine-tune their photographs like a Pro using Adobe Photoshop CC

Course Duration: 1 Month

Course Fee: 8,000/-

Contact: +91 73970 18216

What you’ll learn

  • You will learn the difference between Camera Raw and JPEG images
  • You will learn the Post Processing Techniques in the Course
  • You will learn the techniques of Precise Selection in Photoshop
  • You will gain more knowledge on color theory
  • You will learn to work with masking techniques
  • You will learn to beautify your photographs
  • You will learn the art of Retouching
  • You will learn work with Hair and Lips as a Pro
  • You will learn the techniques of Color Grading of your Images

Practical Oriented Syllabus

The unique factor of this course is that it is designed in such a manner that you will have practical (do what you learned) while learning.


  • You need Window or Mac Computer
  • You need Adobe Photoshop – Any versions, preferably CC

Who this course is for:

  • Wedding Photographers
  • Product Photographer
  • Portrait/ Fashion Photographer
  • Travel Photographers
  • Lifestyle Photographers
  • Graphic Designers
  • Studio Designers



  • Why should I learn Photoshop as a Photographer?
  • Introduction to Software
  • Downloadable Resource

Understanding your Photographs

  • Importing Options
  • Format Differences – RAW vs JPEG
  • Understand your Raw Images
  • Camera Raw HSL
  • What is Camera Calibration
  • How to work with Raw images in Photoshop

Understand your Tool Kit for Selecting

  • Simple Selection tools
  • Color Range Selections
  • Pen Tool Selection
  • Quick Mask Selection
  • Refine Edge Selection
  • Object Selection tool
  • Understand your Tool kit for Cleaning your Images
  • Healing Brush Tool and Spot Healing Brush Tool
  • The Patch Tool
  • The Content-Aware Move Tool
  • Red Eye Tool
  • Clone Stamp Tool

Techniques for Retouching Portraits

  • Touch-Up Layer Technique
  • Frequency Separation Technique
  • Whitening and Darkening the skin tone
  • The ‘byRo’ Method in Retouching
  • Match the Tones

Masking Techniques

  • Luminosity and Blend Modes
  • Advanced Luminosity Mask
  • Creating Mask Using Color Range
  • Luminosity Mask for Portraits

Correcting Exposure of your images

  • Easy image sharpening
  • Boost Contrast with Blending Modes
  • Sharpen images using High Pass Filter
  • Adjusting skin tone using Curves
  • Working with underexposed and over-exposed images
  • Applying Shadow and Highlight
  • Softening Skin and Wrinkle Reduction

Adjusting Color in Images

  • Tips and Tricks with Adjustment Layer
  • Color Replacement Adjustment
  • Blend Modes with Color Channel
  • Toning your Photograph
  • Working with Lips and Hair

Learn to Edit Portrait Images

  • Processing Camera Raw
  • Adjusting Highlight and Shadow
  • Using Dodge and Burn Tools
  • Learn to play with Light and Colors

Learn to Edit Studio Images

  • Processing Camera Raw
  • Skin Retouching Techniques
  • Using Dodge and Burn Tools
  • Adjust Color and Light

Began My Career with a Kid's Photography class on my 12th Grade Summer vacation. Continued and later became Passionate on Camera, Photography & editing!

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